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How To Win At
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Dear Friend,
What would it be like for you to know the hidden inner secrets recruiters use to decide who succeeds - and who fails?

How would you feel, going into a selection or assessment day, knowing that you understand exactly what they are looking for and precisely what you are going to say - and when - so that you are way ahead of every other candidate in the place?

So that you can show off your experience, skills and potential, full of the confidence that comes from knowing the recruiting game inside out...

And giving you the very best chance for success, in achieving the fantastic job you are so keen to get.

A Step-by-Step Toolkit
Showing You How You Can Easily
Work the Recruitment System To Be

Incredibly Successful!!

Every Time You Want To!

A personal message from Martin Haworth.
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Just think how you will shine when the shackles of fear, worry and nerves are blown away with what you know and how  to show it off.

Think of those moments in your career where you have been fully in the flow - not a care in the world - performing to your max. And how great to have that feeling when you are being fully tested - in a place where it matters!.

That you could truly rise to the occasion and be at your very best - a very best that you know is more than good enough to achieve that fabulous job you've been dreaming about.

Is a Dream Job Really Possible?

Well, of course it's not that easy, or everyone would be fabulous at it! And then again, with the help of "How To Win At Assessment Centers" you can more than make up for any shortcomings you might have now.

And make it far, far easier for yourself in the future!

What do you prefer? To struggle on against a tide of overwhelm, worry, doubt and fear. Or, to swim with the current of confidence, knowledge and full-preparedness, as well as a self-belief that comes with really appreciating that you know your stuff - and how to consistently and near-perfectly produce it, exactly when you need it?

You see, you have a decision you can make right now, today, that will get you on the right side of the tide -  that will let you swim with the current of your own potential and experience, to give you way more than an even chance.

Why be like 99% of the rest and struggle - there just isn't a point at all, is there?

"But Wait, Martin!

It’s Tough - Really Tough -
to Succeed at Assessment Centers

I Just Don't Know Where to Start!

You're right - it is tough! And where to start is exactly where we start. Guiding you through, step by step every single activity you need to be great at.

And yet you know, it all starts way before your special day. Indeed, it starts today, the day you buy this book. In fact it has already started, but you didn't know that, did you? Yes, you are already equipped with many of the tools you need. It's my job to get that through to you in ways that will seem blindingly obvious, yet so simple - when you know how!

What you need is focus - and that's what we give you - lean, sharp and refined - so that you don't waste a single second in effort. It's about planned activities, perhaps even before you start thinking about a new role, that will give you all the building blocks for what you want.

So, how about having…

A Very Special Plan of Action
You Can Start Today?

Very Focused Tactics to Plot Your Success
Ahead of Schedule?

As Well As Laser Sharp
On-The-Day Actions
Make You Totally Irresistible?


Would That Help at All?


I think so!

In a very easy-to-read and apply format, "How To Win At Assessment Centers" has been created to deliver a Complete Assessment Center Solution and put together so that you can get started right away - today and tomorrow and the day after, with easy to kick-start activities to set you up for your special day. 

'Assessment Center Success in 6 Steps'

Here's a Great Little 7-Part Mini-Series
Absolutely Free of Charge!

Make a start on me! I'll give you some hints and tips that will get you going, just to show how much you can do, for yourself, without fear of failure. Indeed, with vital steps for your success.

It Starts Right Away - By Return!
You get one step every couple of days over the next week or so. Easy steps to get you up and running, with real value actions you can take right away.
By the way - we never, ever share anyone's e-mail addresses. You are way too important to us on this. We make our business successful by building trust with you. No-one else, ever!
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It's Here Right Now


That "Unfair Advantage"


You've Always Wanted!

It could be that your experiences of Assessment Centers are dismal - like mine were. It could be that you have a special role coming up and you prefer not to throw away that big opportunity. Or, hey, you might just want to get this whole thing right first time.

All these are where "How To Win At Assessment Centers" comes in perfectly - whatever your starting position, it will work beautifully for you!

So, if you're wondering where to start in all this, you'll find it in Chapter 4 (after a bit of introduction and background (in Chapter 2), into what the whole point of these Assessment Center things is!). 

And in Chapter 4 we also talk a lot about things you can get going on right away, stuff that you might not realize you have already and can do. It's all to get you thinking and recognizing just what potential you have RIGHT NOW - as well as getting you organized and active, well in advance of that very important day.

Hey though, in Chapter 7, we have a quick start for what you must do, even if the day in question, your very important Assessment Center, is just around the corner. Ideas and tips that will give you an amazing head-start on your competitors - real fast!

It's always vital to have plenty of the right things to tell those assessing you - interviewers, assessors, observers, reviewers - and in Chapter 5 we get deep down and deadly serious about how you can get very clear on what you know, what you've experienced and how to use it when the chips are down - when it is absolutely vital to have the right words, in the right place at the right time - it's all covered! 

And do you know the one thing that most people fail at? It's one of the very first hurdles. And it's so simple to overcome - it is spelt out for them and yet, when it comes to it, they get excluded almost before they start. In fact if it wasn't true, it would be almost unbelievable! So, to give you the very best chance, it's all there for you, in Chapter 6.

In case I'm way ahead of you here, assuming that you understand all of this upfront, we have a special section for you, explaining exactly what you will experience. Of course it can be a scary thing, an Assessment Center, but with this insight, from someone who's both been on the receiving end and as an assessor too, we reveal just what you will find when you start - to unravel the mystery, in case it's your first time.

Because, of course, everyone remembers their first time! In Chapter 3, we spend just three packed pages demystifying the whole thing for you. That's all it needs! 

It Doesn't Matter Who You Are,

Where You Are or What Your Situation...

This is A Step-by-Step Toolkit

You Can Start Today!

And if you're wondering where all the good stuff is - the detailed stuff that tells you how to get the very best from every activity, every test and every moment of your Assessment Center, you can be assured that over half the book (more than 60 concentrated pages, full of tricks and tips that recruiters know and that up to now, candidates didn't), is devoted to your Assessment Center experience. Chapter 7 is chock full of tactics you can use, to complement the great preparation work you've covered in previous chapters.

And, we're not done - there's more during and after the event that you can leverage! It's nothing you'll find in any of the regular books on the subject. It's the hidden, secret tactics you can use, that no-one else will even know about! It's scoring points that none of your competitors will have a clue about - so they are much, much more valuable to you. Did I say that Chapter 8 has all this detail? Well, it does, and it's an amazing feature of the toolkit!

Wait though, we're not done with Chapter 8 yet. There is one futher secret that few use and that is yours as a right. It tips the balance between success and failure and it's there just for the asking. It is a tactic that even leverages you into unheard of possibilities even if, on the day, you weren't successful! It is a back door to success that you need to know about - and it's here, right now!

If you are struggling with some ideas about what to do; where to start; how to make it work, then STOP. This e-book makes clear, in an organised way, for the most successful way forward for you.

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And You Too Can Join the Growing Band
of Successful Individuals

Who Have Decided The Enough is Enough
and That They Are Going to
When They Get to Their Assessment Center



This “How To Win At Assessment Centers” Toolkit follows an easy-to-use format. Step by step you are led forward through the stages you need. So that when your time comes, you are perfectly ready for the challenge ahead.


The time has come, for those who struggled up to now, to make the best of their opportunity to stand up and be counted. To show themselves in their true colors and deliver themselves as the best, without fear or worry. And be successful when and where they need be.

Are you up to meeting the challenge, knowing that you have every tool in your kit for success? Are you ready to meet that challenge head-on and take up your rights at last as a successful participant - no longer Cinderella watching the ball. Your slipper has come to fit you!



Great Question, So...
Here Are Your

"How To Win At Assessment Centers"

Star Points


Never again fear the whole idea of interviews, because you are ready willing and able to do a great job. With the planning, skills and tactics you will learn (pages 35 & 66) you will be full of the confidence you need any time you want to!

Find out the one little word (page 70) you need, to make a huge difference when answering questions from anyone and how just knowing it will give you enormous confidence - something you will not need much practice at all to use fully!
Get used to getting all the support you need, even from those trying to assess you! And how you can influence them (page 119) to influence others on your case - even when you aren't there! It's like an invisible army on your side!
Want your interviewer on your side too? Need help with relationship building skills? (page 76) Fear no more - we have the very best hints and tips to make you irresistible (including a few you'll find nowhere else!) to anyone, anywhere and like a magnet you will have them on your side (which is a great asset for later on, when the judging starts!).
How about the simplest formula you've ever heard of for giving stunning and brilliant presentations (page 95). Get your message across quickly easily and memorably to whoever you need to - you can do it even on the back of an envelope - with astounding results!

What about those group activities where everyone is competing with each other? How on earth do you get noticed? Well, we definitely show you how (pages 99-108). It's easy and it's fun, picking off your competition as you toy with them, scoring all the points you need!

Did you know that you can start preparing, this very day for that elusive assessment center (pages 19-21 and especially 35-37!). Yep, it's work you can start even if you don't know what you want in the future, creating for yourself an extraordinary CV, ready to give you a flying start when you are ready.

And mentioning your CV - forget all the books you could buy to confuse and overwhelm you. We share with you the key aspects (pages 26 & 46-52)and one vital ingredient that you can easily miss - not any more!

How well prepared are you for your assessment center? We'll do more than prepare you for what's going to happen on the day. We'll get you started out as soon as possible. Because there's one big secret (page 42) that you can get started on right away and yet will, without doubt, give you a massive head start. In fact we guarantee that it will come up in your interview!

Need to know ten basics for your special day? We cut through all the stuff you don't need to know and give you what you do need (pages 54-65). Even how to keep your bathroom visits to a minimum - and what to do if you can't!
Genuinely create a candidate (that's you!), who fits the target role like a proverbial glove, such that they won't believe how good you are when you apply; when they check your CV (and more - page 46!) and when, inevitably, you get the chance to show off yourself at the Assessment Center of your dreams!
And there's one final trick you can use (page 58 - I call it Gold Dust!), quite legitimately, to get yourself noticed more than anyone else before, during and even after the day you are assessed - a trick that no-one else will even come close to knowing!
Find out why succeeding at your Assessment Center is just the beginning. Your getting through is just the start and the catalyst for not just future progress, but lifts the lid on your opportunities beyond your wildest dreams (page 128).

Last up. This stuff is easy to do - no lists to remember (though you can, but we reckon life's way too short for all that!), no studying this program too deeply (though can do this too if you want, but c'mon, get out more!). Have fun, read the book (yes, that's pages 1 through 131!) a couple of times and use the bonus checklist to plot your success! It really is as simple as that!

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 to Buy Right Away!

In an easy to read format, highly focused on exactly what you need, your "How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit meets the exacting challenges of the modern recruitment world, in whatever field of employment you are in now or seek in the future.

The tools you receive are ready to go; perfect for wherever you are along your career path. Beginners going for college interview; through mid-career change; great promotion opportunities; to the most senior of executives. Everyone will get huge value from this Assessment Center beating machine! 
Here's the deal, I provide the maximum value info. Yet, as with everything, you have to put some work in. What I will guarantee, is that you will not want for anything to help you with this Toolkit! All the success-recipe needs now is YOU to pick up this opportunity and use it.

In fact, using just some of the tactics in the book, will make a huge difference to how well you perform, from preparing for future possibilities and dreams; to getting through initial screening; on the day itself; as well as afterwards, when most candidates are past caring.
It truly is a complete program of information, yet so easy to understand and use.

OK Then Martin It Sounds Great, But...
What On Earth is This Going To Cost Me?

Well, what would it be worth to feel that you are going into that scary Assessment Center on top form, fully prepared and up to speed on all the information you need to know - as well as how to deliver it - and the other vital tactics that will make the difference?
How much is it worth to sweat no longer? To fear not that you will let yourself down any more?

What is the value of that to you?
The "How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit comes out of the experience of being on the receiving end, as well as the assessor end. It comes from hundreds of hours of recruiting thousands of people and using this experience to develop my personal clients capabilities to give their best and be successful.
Typically, a coaching client who is looking to achieve success at Assessment Centers will pay me big bucks to work with them. My fees range from $300-500 an hour for one-on-one sessions and these can last for months (even years), depending on the needs of my client.
So you could be talking literally thousands and thousands of dollars here.

Getting through just some of the challenges, that this preparation for Assessment Centers gave my clients, has been absolutely invaluable. Was their investment worth it? Here's what one client said:-  

"Three sessions, that's all it took and what value they were. I moved from being unable to move forward at all, to getting myself such a promotion. The assessment center was a breeze and I just know that I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much!" KD

And another...

"We worked for around 9 months. Martin took me step-by-step through exactly the principles in this book. From a score which was 'unspecified...', at the next assessment center I attended, I got the job. In fact, there's more in the book than we worked on, so I know that Martin has been refining it more and more over the months"  PF

I'm going to charge you notthing like the amount it cost these two clients - after all they had me one-to-one in sessions where they had my complete personal attention. But, that posed a problem to me. If these two could do so well (and there have been many others too), how could I help many more people, like those who perhaps couldn't afford my one-on-one time?
Well the deal costs nothing like the hundreds and even thousands of dollars these folks paid me, because I found a way forward that is perfect for me - perfect for you.

The answer was the "How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit. As comprehensive a package of information you can find in it's field. And I'm not going to mess around with 'was/now"; ''today only"; ''closes soon" deals.

It's a straight $47, and that's it. 

So, if I can charge all those big bucks normally, what's the catch with this deal, "Why are you able to sell this information at such a low price?"

Great question - and here's why...

"This life-changing program is available worldwide, over the internet, thus reducing my costs significantly. I need no-one around to help me. It’s the wonder of the virtual world (though I am a totally real person and if you want to talk with me, then you can anytime, at the number at the bottom of the page).

You get great price savings passed on – so we’re both winners! I want to help as many people as I can to make a difference in their own lives. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to a bigger thing in the world too.

Your investment is conditional on YOU taking action – I’m selling it to you at a great price, so that you feel both committed to action as well as being able to afford it."

How does that sound to you?


4 FREE Bonuses For Ordering By Midnight

Call me soft then! Let's take a look at what might help you max out your success with "How To Win At Assessment Centers!", then!

Bonus One

As a special free bonus for acting immediately, I'm going to add in a "How to Win at Assessment Centers!" Quick Start Workbook. This gives you a stunningly simple overview of what you need to do, on just one page! Then, you have 20 worksheets plotting your course to success, one step at a time. Already ahead of the plan - no worries, just pick the next step, it's that easy.

Full of page references, you can get going right away. This is easily a $29.97 value.

Bonus Two

If you've decided to get on board right away, I'm adding in, a 20-minute audio overview of the "How to Win at Assessment Centers!" Toolkit. This audio will help you significantly, because in a nutshell you will hear the way you progress quickly (or slowly, depending on what you need) through the step-by-step program.

In just 20 minutes you will understand exactly the components of this unique and amazing program to your successful future. This essential tool is another $29.97 value.

Bonus Three

One of the most vital components of your success is getting really clear on what you know already, how it fits with what you need to know and then filling in the gaps. With me so far? So, I'm loading the bonuses with what I believe is the most powerful guide you can have.

Just a few pages, it's a step by step walk through of this very principle. I call it the "Scenario Competencies Matrix". If there's anything that will snap you to attention and get you started right away, this is it. In fact, I even give you a spare template you can print off and write on yourself, as often as you like.

Without doubt, this not only saves you a bunch of time, but it will also help you with what I believe is the essential part of the whole process - it's actually invaluable, but to be focused on a number, it's gotta be worth at least a $49.97 value.

Bonus Four

Look, some people get really wound up by the prospect of an interview. Yet, this need not be a particular problem. There are ways of listening to and answering challenging questions posed by interviewers so that you will never again be thrown by what you're asked. So, I've decided to put a stake in the ground and say - STOP - ENOUGH!

In "57 Tricky Interview Questions and How To Answer Them", I break the rules on what you need to do to make the most of anything that turns up on the day - even the really tricky stuff! And I'm throwing it in the pot as a bonus, with exercises for you to do to practice.

But remember, it'll be you in there, not me, so I want you to be able to answer anything well yourself. It's the principle for consistent success that I'll teach you here. Perfect interview outcome? This essential tool is another $49.97 value.
(at least!). 

That's over $150 of free bonuses, direct to you for making this unique and amazing purchase - but be quick, these won't be here for ever! I'm only going to include these 4 bonuses for the first 250 buyers, then they will become addon purchases after buyers have bought the "How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit.

The 'How to Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit
Makes Your Success Almost Guaranteed!    

Your success in using this powerful toolkit is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my total
"Hassle Free Complete Personal Guarantee"

The Hassle Free




You have my personal guarantee that if you follow the contents of the "How To Win At Assessment Centers" e-book, you will make significant progress in achieving your goal of work that you love. You will make fundamental changes to the way you see your opportunities and potential, which will bring you great benefits and success. If your investment in this product is aimed at giving you a wonderful work experience that will be of great value to you, you will find it here. You have a full 60 days to prove to yourself that this product works for you. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll refund everything you paid without a single word of a question. And the bonuses are yours to keep, just for being courageous enough to take a look. And I really mean that!

That's my complete and total guarantee. I want for you to be satisfied and beyond with this product – and I’m confident that you will be!

In fact I’m delighted to be taking all the risk. You can try out the contents of this step-by-step programme of activities and see if they work for you. Life is way too short for you to be dissatisfied with my products – so don’t be!

If the product doesn’t live up to what you’re expecting, I want you to tell me and I will make sure that you get your money back just as fast as I can get it to you. My background is providing first-class customer service and that’s what I will deliver to you – it’s a personal promise from me! And you know what - you can keep the bonuses as well!

Look at it this way -- $47 is really a scratch on the surface of Assessment Center Success compared with beating yourself - and the rest of the world - up, when things keep going wrong. It's time to fix it once and for all!. And at no risk to you, can you even think of affording not to buy this?

That's why...

Life's Way Too Short
You Really Can't Afford Spend Hours
Sweating on Your Future
Without The
"How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit!

And it’s a breeze to get going straight away. Just Click Here and you can get your "How To Win At Assessment Centers" Toolkit, immediately downloaded to your computer. In minutes you can start to realize just what this opportunity offers to you.

It’s time to get ready to roll. Time to get yourself off the hook of fear, doubt and frustration. Time to make you the star of the show and get that playing field more than level. It's on your side now. This is one easy, risk-free step that will change your life forever, if you want to. Order Now!

Yours Sincerely

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Martin Haworth

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P.P.S. Remember, this is a unique opportunity to change the way your career progresses. This is a step-by-step guide that shows you "How To Win At Assessment Centers", which will change the way you see yourself - and your future - forever.

It doesn't get much better than that!

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